Every BOZ DVD is packed with great songs that will have preschoolers singing along. And now, with BOZ’s first audio CD, Treehouse Tunes #1, they can take their favorite BOZ songs wherever they go!

Treehouse Tunes #1 features 22 popular songs taken from the BOZ DVD series. Your preschooler will love singing their favorite songs, and you’ll love that these songs reinforce valuable lessons! Talk about perfect harmony! Take home BOZ’s Treehouse Tunes #1 on CD today.

It’s time to get children’s toes tappin’ again with BOZ’s latest audio CD, Treehouse Tunes #2!

Filled with 22 songs, including classic hits from favorite BOZ DVDs as well as two new, original tunes. Treehouse Tunes #2 is full of energy and entertainment. And because it’s from BOZ, you know the songs reinforce the values and lessons you’re teaching your children. Take home BOZ’s Treehouse Tunes #2 on CD today.

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